Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few Words Regarding My Reviews.....

I have a few things to say before I start to go ahead and review me some books!

You can check out my Disclaimer (Review Policy TBA)

I have a very unconventional way of reviewing books (in my opinion). If I hate a book; I might rage about it, but I might not. My reviews will be pretty much consistent in this format as follows:

Title & Author
Description -----> Cover
Little comment (A sentence usually, followed by->) .........
  Into thingy
   Opinion (there may be more for different books)
Signature: -M
Then I always put a "P.S." at the end.
Rating in stars.
Goodreads link.

I can't guarantee that anything I read or anyone suggests me I will like, but I always write honest reviews. I'm usually able to find at least one good thing about a book that I hate. I might do a similar format for any normal blog posts, but I really haven't decided. :-)

Oh, and happy holidays!

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