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Review: Perchance by Lila Felix

Perchance by Lila Felix

(received by author for an honest review)

"Remi Harris has a plan. Graduate high school, go to college, become a history teacher, be self-sufficient unlike her mother who is a struggling single mom. And the word ‘boy’ has no place in her plan.
Cooper Neal has been sent to his estranged father’s house to spend his Senior year getting to know him. And maybe, just maybe, there will be some cute girls in the small town.

Cooper sees Remi and he falls hard. Remi sees Cooper and wonders if she can do both. The question is; will he ruin her plans, or will she let him be a part of them?"


Well, that just happened.....

Perchance by Lila Felix left me speechless, and that's about the only thing I know. I am extremely conflicted about this book. I know that I loved it, but I also have some problems with it. The problem with the said problems are confusing because I can't actually decide if they're problems or if it's another thing I love. I think the difference between this book and Emerge for me is that I knew that I loved Emerge, but Perchance baffles me. It was so horrendously beautiful that I just...can't.. GAH! The FEEEEELS!!!

The story starts off with Remi who has been told by her mother that you should never depend on men to take care of you. Remi has taken that to heart. As she moves into her new house she lightens up a bit and throughout the romance she gets more playful, awesome, and you get to see more of her sweet side. A problem I found in general with her is that she has a tenancy to almost assume what others are feeling and act accordingly. Her inability to communicate was a major problem. I think the reason I have a love-hate relationship with Remi because I see a lot of myself in her. She is sarcastic, sweet (you can be the judge of that for me), likes to joke, and tends to "think for people and act accordingly". This led to a point when I got mad at her for not doing what I would do (I know, it's horrible). Anyway, great main character who definitely isn't childish and juvenile.

I don't think there's much to say about Cooper (in the context of problems). He is my "Lila-Felix-Caleb" per say. He was a lot like Remi in ways. He was extremely sweet and caring, but was also joking and tended to think for other people as well as Remi did. He was devastated when she rejected the promise ring and that couple of chapters was when you really got the deepness of his feelings. I don't think I've ever read a character with glasses either (that I remember). Gotta love the glasses!

The story definitely wasn't cute and light. The whole book was extremely heavy, but that isn't a bad thing. The characters and events were thought provoking and made me emotionally invest in the story even more. The other characters were prominent just enough that hey seemed important, but not as important as Cooper and Remi. What I really love about Lila Felix's books is the fact that he can make it with less steamy parts, but it still seems epic, profound, and amazing. Her stories focus so much on the development of the characters, and make the reader reflect. What really had me tied up was the last third of the book which was completely depressing. Yes, I found some of the things Remi did a bit extreme, but the story would not have been the same. She needed to understand what she did and realize that the destruction of the relationship was not men and Cooper chaining her in, but the absence of Cooper brought more destruction.  

I would say the only thing that has been pestering my mind is why she chose to come back like that. I found it really annoying that she had to make sure Cooper wanted her back. It's all her personality though, so I can understand to an extent. Overall, a different and yet wonderful book by Lila Felix. I once again am exhausted from the emotional roller coaster that she has masterfully created. Definitely a book (I think) that would be perfect to be read in schools with the dual-POVs and discussion opportunities.

5 out of 5 stars


P.S. THAT is why the book was so hard to review, Mrs. Felix!!

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