Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thinking Thursday: Evil Inside (May 29th)

Thinking Thursday #2

Thinking Thursday is a weekly book meme that I came up with. This idea was inspired by the Draw my Life trend on YouTube. I figured I could apply this to The Alternative Kryptonite to piece up the blog.

Being my idea, I would LOVE your feedback! Make sure to comment & tweet me!!!

Thinking Thursdays a weekly meme hosted by The Alternative Kryptonite. It's dedicated to books, and your favorite scenes. You don't have to do a video like me, anyone can do it!!
  • What is your favorite book(s)? What did you love about it?
  • What scene(s) have you read that you really liked? What did you like about it?

Evil Inside (May 29th)


What do you think of the new meme? 

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