Monday, February 4, 2013

Assorted Insanity

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I was hanging out on Goodreads and one of my friends liked a review for a book. It was a review for something I had previously thought about reading so I started scrolling down and found a vlog review for the book. Oceana Fern just so happened to hate the book, but I think that's what immediately intrigued me about her. She mentioned she started a blog with a friend. Like a bad stalker that I am, I ignored the link to the blog. Though, I did decided to subscribe to Oceana on Youtube and added her as a friend on Goodreads. 

Her blog is currently holding a giveaway for a signed copy of If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I entered and decided to check out some of their reviews because I'm not that selfish. WOW, you need to go read them and subscribe like, now. Their reviews are descriptive, honest, and just over all entertaining!

Check out the blog here.

Visit Oceana Fern's Youtube here

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P.S. Seriously though, go watch and visit!

The video I watched:

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