Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Attention! Attention!!

Attention All Book Lovers!!

One of my favorite authors Shelly Crane is having her book series Significance (sound familiar/kinda familiar/really familiar!!) turned into a major motion picture!! I recently went to Florida to meet some to the cast, producers/director, and the author herself to premier the teaser trailer they were going to show the investors. Everyone was amazing and the crew they had made an awesome teaser trailer. 

They've added a few more (soon to be announced to the public) additions to the cast and grown considerably in the past month. Though, a big production like this needs a few up front costs to pay actors when they sign and have a solid amount of money to seal in the investors air tight LOL. The ONLY way that we can make this film possible is by sharing, tweeting, tumblr-ing, wordpress-ing and anything else to get this as much attention as possible!! It's a great book and deserves all the attention it can get. (Maybe donate a dollar or two to get this production really kick started? Did I mention there are a few cool prizes?)

Here are some links:

For the link to the KickStart for the Significance movie, go here!

The original teaser trailer (shot and edited in about a week, awesome!)

Emily Gossett is the wonderful director & CEO of Panoramik Productions. Check out her IMDB here!

Candace Charee' is the Exectutive Producer of Significance and CEO of Frame 7 Productions (also producing Of Light and Darkness) Visit her IMDB 

Come see Cara Calderaio as the star, Maggie Masters here/here!!!

They've also announced Ian Whyte as Sikes (antagonist). You may know him from Prometheus as the engineer! Visit his IMDB here!

They've signed a band as well!!

U jelly?


P.S. If you can't donate, SHARE PLEASE!!!!

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